The Verse Smartmirror is an interactive mirror, which displays relevant information in a new, futuristic way. The mirror’s UI is fully customizable and offers many different Widgets, such as e-mails, a calendar, the news, … to help keeping yourself up-to-date. The integrated voice- and gesture-recognition allow easy, quick but most importantly fingerprint-less interaction with the mirror itself. The slim, modern design enables the Verse Smartmirror to look just like a conventional mirror - That is, until it turns on when you enter the room of course.

App and Webapp

Using the Android or iOS Smartphone App or the new web application, YOU can decide how your Smartmirror looks. In a smartphone-like fashion, you can add, move, resize and delete Widgets as you like. The changes are sent to your mirror immediately, because we know that you don’t have time to wait. You share your home with someone else? Not a problem at all! The Verse Smartmirror can have as many user profiles as you like. Each profile is capable of displaying different information in a completely different layout. To change to your user profile, simply say “Smartmirror, change to profile ‘Max’. “ or use the app.

Smartmirror at home

Thanks to the slim, modern design the Verse Smartmirror is not limited to the bathroom by any means. It can be placed in the living room, an office, a hotel room or anywhere else, where you would like to have a personal assistant. If you go the traditional way of course, the Smartmirror is water resistant and can be placed in the bathroom without any problems.


In the fast world we are living in, it is sometimes difficult not to be outdated. That’s why the Verse Smartmirror only uses the newest technologies available. Some of them are the integrated voice- and gesture recognition. With very little effort, you can change between pages, ask for the weather or use any other feature, the Smartmirror offers. A bright display, mounted behind the glass allows the Smartmirror to display information directly through the mirror. Other components, such as the logic, speakers or the microphone are well-hidden behind the glass so that you can’t even notice them, leaving you with a seemingly conventional mirror. But little do others know! As soon as someone enters the room the mirror turns on and does not fail to amaze visitors and friends.

Layer modell of the smartmirror


Our team consists of four friends, who decided to open up a startup and take their diploma thesis to the next level. Just recently we finished the IT / media technology department of HTL 3 Rennweg. Therefore we are up-to-date both hardware and software-wise and pay attention to all the different standards, regarding our product. Since all of us are certified in project management, even the planning works out great most of the times.

Gesture Control

Fingerprints on your Smartmirror? With the implementation of our custom written gesture recognition, we eliminated dirty mirrors completely. Using simple gestures you can control your Smartmirror intuitively. Verse offers a set of pre-defined gestures to help you achieve everything you want. If you are done reading the article for example, simply do a swipe in the direction you want to go to and the Smartmirror handles the rest for you.

Support us!

If you have got any questions regarding our startup, the smartmirror itself or want to support us in any way, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! If you want to keep track about the progress or want to see behind-the-scenes material follow us on social media. Since we are a young startup, we heavily rely on word-of-mouth marketing. If you like our product, we would appreciate you telling your friends about the Verse Smartmirror.

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